Your invitation to social media day meetup

Mashable.com has declared June 30 as Social Media Day and is encouraging “meetups” of people who interact this way. I’m leading a group organizing a meetup for Waterloo Region.
Barley Works in the Boardroom (at the Huether Hotel)
59 King Street North
Waterloo, Canada

***Please RSVP here by Monday, June 28 at noon. Use link below.***


7:30 p.m. Social Media Meetup begins. You can start ordering your wings and beer!

At about 8 p.m., we’ll be making a special announcement about a new series of workshops related to social media. We’d like your help to make this series as useful to people initerested in social media as possible and so we’d like your help. We’ll spend about 30 minutes in small groups brainstorming topics, speakers and formats and then share our ideas with the other groups.

By 9 p.m., we should be back to socializing and networking.

We have requested individual cheques.

RSVP by June 28 at noon to help us with numbers: this link.


2 comments on “Your invitation to social media day meetup

  1. Hi James
    I work at the Region of Waterloo and would be interested in this event!!

    • We’d love to see you Keren!

      Please follow the link to RSVP. It’s the easiest way to track numbers. I’ll likely create it as an event on Linked in too once we’ve settled the details–something tells me though that it’ll be where beer and wings can be found.

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