Rally with Michael Ignatieff in Kitchener

When I saw Michael Ignatieff in Kitchener in January, I was impressed. He spoke extremely well and showed he was ready for an election campaign.

I was right. By all reports, the crowds at events featuring the Liberal Leader have been large and he has been an excellent speaker. No teleprompter for him. There has been a definite sense of energy and purpose at the events as demonstrated by his famous Rise Up speech. I’m not entirely sure why this hasn’t translated into the polling numbers because it has translated into highly motivated local campaigns in Waterloo Region as described by Susan Delacourt in the Toronto Star.

Come see for yourself!

Michael Ignatieff is coming to Waterloo Region on Friday night to help put our local Liberal campaigns over the top! Come and see him in person and get excited about having him play a leading role in our next government. You’ll also see the strength of the local campaigns and see first hand that in Waterloo Region only the Liberals present a positive alternative to Stephen Harper–and have the chance at beating his candidates.

Rally with Ignatieff at Bingemans in the Ballroom
7 p.m.  Friday, April 29

Here’s a link to the rally’s Facebook event page.

I’ve also been meaning to share a parody of viral video success “Friday.” It’s called “Monday” and by Angela Krajaefski of Waterloo, Ontario. I’m hoping it’ll get you in the mood to come out to the rally on Friday and voting Liberal on Monday.

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