Yes Dave, climate change is man-made

How we care for the environment is a critical issue in the Ontario election. Our future quality of life depends upon making the right choices now. Time is running out to find and implement sustainable ways of living, we don’t have the luxury of waiting until we’re staring at an empty oil barrel or the average temperature rises another three to four degrees.

So on Monday night, I asked via Twitter at the Kitchener Centre election forum organized by the Waterloo Region Record, “Given the growing threat posed by climate change, what is your party doing to help the environment?” All the candidates including PC candidate, Dave MacDonald, emphasized the greenest parts of their platforms and how that would help.

A later question directly asked about climate change and that’s when the retired weatherman dropped a bombshell.

There’s still a lot of controversy over what the cause of climate change is. If there is some component of it that is man=made, then I’m all in favour of trying to reduce carbon emissions and that sort of thing. But right now, there seems to be a growing body of evidence that climate change is not entirely man-made. The jury’s still out.

The jury’s still out? Maybe that’s the view of this candidate representing Ontario’s very own Tea Party. But according to Dave Phillips, the respected climatologist at Environment Canada, “the evidence is irrefutable. The jury is in.” Claude Duguay, director of the University of Waterloo’s Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change says that all the evidence you could possibly want is already there.

An excellent column today by the Record’s Luisa D’Amato effectively busts the myth that we are not responsible for the catastrophic changes happening to our climate.  She makes the point that even disputing the science effectively puts a roadblock in the way of taking the immediate action that is required.

I was surprised to learn that in Canada, as opposed to the United States, anyone can call themselves a meteorologist. Our recently retired weatherman may call himself a meteorologist but he doesn’t have any science degrees. He’s been reading the weather for 42 years with the assistance of some technical training he received when he worked at the local airport’s weather office before he went on the air. In short, he may be a nice guy but he’s no climate scientist.

If you are looking for more evidence that climate change is a real threat, the ClimateCrisis website is a good place to start.

Your green choice in the provincial election

If the environment is a ballot question for you on October 6, your green choice is to vote red. According to a study released yesterday by the highly respected local environmental organization Sustainable Waterloo, the Liberal party has the green edge. Read the Waterloo Region Record’s article on the survey and an academic debate on the subject.

I also suggest that you read my previous post about how the Liberal record on public transit and sustainable development is already benefiting Waterloo Region. John Milloy is delivering results that are helping make your future greener, let’s ensure that he goes back to Queen’s Park with a strong Waterloo Region team so that we can build upon our current success.

Show Dave MacDonald that the tea party is over and Ontario wants a government that is progressive–and not in name only!


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  1. Excellent blog (a great insight into life in Ontario) and brilliantly-written post (I hope the retired weatherman is duly humiliated at the Election).

  2. I greatly appreciate that you run this blog on local issues, I can’t find any other ones.

  3. Thanks for continuing your blog on local issues. I fully agree with your comments on our local Provincial election.

    • You’re welcome Karen. I’m happy to try to spark some thinking and conversation. I’m glad to hear that your perspective on the provincial election in Kitchener Centre matches my own.

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