Introducing the Kitchener Dining Group

Photo by Andrew Coppolino

It could be dinner, it could be supper; it could be breakfast, it could be lunch; it could be after-work beverages: it’s a nice and informal Kitchener Dining Group. Okay, so the name’s a bit bland … but the food isn’t.

In coordination with Andrew Coppolino of Waterloo Region Eats, we thought it was time to start a casual “dining group” that will visit Kitchener restaurants and get participants to talk about them, Tweet them, Facebook them, Pinterest them … whatever the social media of your preference.

The wealth of restaurants in downtown Kitchener is our primary focus (and especially the hidden gems), and we plan to have at least every other group event there. The objective here is to have fun, build some foodist camaraderie, and boost the city’s wide-ranging food culture–from fine dining to El Salvadoran pupusas and everything in between.

There are really no rules and no conditions. We want to keep things as simple and casual as possible. Everyone pays his or her own way.

We will decide on a common destination every few weeks; we meet there at a designated time. We eat. We drink. We carouse. We then go off our separate ways and start talking about the experience with our specific and individual networks.

We will use Eventbrite to help us confirm numbers so that we can let the restaurants know what to expect.

Why? What unites us is our common goal of building a food culture in Kitchener and getting more people engaged with our fair city. And just plain having fun with food.

Our first dining event: Northern Thai

The inaugural meeting of the Kitchener Dining Group will be at Northern Thai (Queen and Charles street) for a lunch and general good camaraderie that focusses on boosting Kitchener dining, and especially letting people know about the restaurants and food available in the city’s core. As mentioned earlier, everyone pays his or her own way.

We ask that you register in advance so that we can let the restaurant know how many people to expect.

Hope to see you at one of these dining adventures!

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