Kitchener Eats going to Ellison’s Bistro

Hey there! The group formerly known as the Kitchener Dining Group is now known as Kitchener Eats.

We had a great group of 1o people at our first event that was a lunch at Northern Thai.

We’re ready now for another. It’s another lunch. This time it’s at Ellison’s Bistro a Carribbean Restaurant on Charles Street in downtown Kitchener.

Please register in advance so that we can let them know how many of us to expect.

Hope to see you there!


4 comments on “Kitchener Eats going to Ellison’s Bistro

  1. Has this event already happened? The register page is already down. 😦 Can’t wait for the next outing!

  2. Hey – is there a distribution list I can get on for future events or do I just need to check back on the blog? I would be totally into this!

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