#KitchenerEats to enjoy southern BBQ

Mr. Waterloo Region Food, aka Andrew Coppolino, wrote a column in last week’s Kitchener Post about the Kitchener Eats dining group. Interested in learning more about this informal group of people interested in exploring our local food scene and eating at great food joints, read it now. Our focus is the many great restaurants in downtown Kitchener but we’ll be visiting them across the city. We have a special interest in the many different great cultural foods available but we also like to go to more mainstream choices.

Kitchener Eats is a joint initiative of Andrew Coppolino of Waterloo Region Eats and myself. We help make the arrangements including setting up an online RSVP and spread the word but that’s about as formal as it gets.

We encourage you to come on out and join us! We do lunches, dinners and breakfast about once every 2 – 4 weeks. There are no fees. Everyone pays their own way and you can come to whichever events you wish. Just let us know so that the restaurant can be ready for us. We spread the news on our blogs, on Twitter and by e-mailing past participants.

Kitchener Eats goes to the Lancaster Smokehouse

I took my family across Kitchener-Waterloo to indulge in southern BBQ at Hogtails only to be disappointed that we couldn’t get in. So I was super excited to learn that the same owners had bought the legendary Lanc and planned to give it new life as the Lancaster Smokehouse. I loved that it would rejuvenate a building that was getting tired and even more excited that it would hold many more folks than Hogtails could. Best of all its Kitchener location made it more convenient for me to get to.

Kitchener Eats is going to the Lancaster Smokehouse for dinner on Wednesday, February 22. Interested in joining us? Sign up here.

Do you have any advice on what people coming should order? Any suggestions for future events?


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