37 people (and counting) waiting for a response from The Record

A week ago, I challenged  the Record’s transportation columnist/reporter Jeff Outhit to live without his own car for 30 days.

Twenty four hours later, he declined. So I wrote to the Record’s Editor-In-Chief to request that the challenge be assigned. Lynn Haddrall responded very quickly last Friday to say that she had forwarded my request to city editor Harvey Taylor who Mr. Outhit reports to and Managing Editor Melinda Marks who is responsible for all of the paper’s editorial content. I replied that I looked forward to their response but have not yet had one.

Huge response to posts on Jeff Outhit Challenge

My blog is seeing numbers that it never sees outside of an election. The response has been massive. I think it’s fair to say it’s gone viral in a localized sense.

The Record has a box on its website that indicates what is popular for visitors to read. If I had a similar feature, it would show:

  • The Jeff Outhit Challenge has been #1 or #2 blog post since it was put up a week ago
  • The Letter to Lynn Haddrall has been #1 every day since Friday–often by a wide margin
  • The two posts are #1 and #2 for the last week, last month and last 90 days.
  • The letter is my #2 post from the past 365 days and the challenge itself ranks #5.
  • Of the 132 posts I’ve written over nearly two years, the letter asking The Record to assign the challenge is ranked #3. The original post on the challenge is ranked #9.

I write a lot of posts and my blog has gathered some attention since it started so that shows just how strong the response has been.

37 people (and counting) are waiting for a response

The number that I believe should be most compelling is that 36 people have so far co-signed the letter to The Record. I am not alone in waiting for a response. Including me, 37 people are waiting for a response. By the time you read this post, I expect that number will have increased. Please consider adding your name to the comment section of the letter to the editor to show that you also support the request.

The Record’s response to the Outhit Challenge

The Waterloo Region Transportation Challenge

Whether The Record assigns the challenge or not, one person has come forward to accept it and share their experiences. We are waiting until we know what The Record will do before figuring out the logistics but I expect that in one form or another, someone will accept the challenge.

If you are interested in also accepting the challenge, please indicate so below in the comments section or send me a message. I’d gladly take the  challenge myself except I’ve already done so and have continued to live that way.


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  1. I accept the challenge! But, I don’t own a car, already tell people about it a lot, and have been doing it 24/7/365! You might want to pick someone else, but I’ll contribute.

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