Two years of my perspectives

The first post on this blog was March 18, 2010 so it has reached its second anniversary! I wasn’t sure when I started whether I could post regularly enough to be considered a blogger or if enough people would be interested in what I had to say. One hundred forty four posts later both have proven to be true.

My perspectives first gained attention in May 2010 with my efforts to help make the Tannery project into a true district for people. Since then the greatest interest has been during elections such as the 2010 municipal election, last spring’s federal election and the provincial election in the fall. These all show up in the most read lists shared below.

This blog is not about politics though inevitably politics intersects with my primary focus. Perspectives from King and Ottawa is about community building, social change and social justice. I’m pleased to say that readership is at an all time high because of the interest in my posts related to the Jeff Outhit Challenge that are in 3 of the top 10 posts ever including number 2. My focus is also shown in my posts about addressing prostitution, cycling and parking at the expanded Auditorium. Interestingly, light rail transit only shows up through my recommendations on voting for Kitchener’s representatives on Regional Council.

I thought you might be interested in what people have been reading so I’m sharing them in lists below of my top posts over the last year and since I started.

Does that mean they are my best posts? My posts that have been most important or most effective? Some maybe but most read doesn’t necessarily mean most influential or posts I think made a difference or said what I believed needed to be said. For example, my post on budgeting for crime prevention does not show up but I know it got the attention of people who I respect and may be one of the most important posts I’ve written.

The Top 14 of 2011-12

  1. Prostitution in east downtown Kitchener
  2. Letter to the editor: Lynn Haddrall
  3. Why I voted for Jack Layton
  4. The Jeff Outhit Challenge
  5. Adult cyclists don’t belong on the sidewalk
  6. An update on my prostitution concerns
  7. Do you want Stephen Woodworth representing you in Ottawa? 
  8. How to find a prostitute in Kitchener
  9. My perspective on addressing prostitution in east downtown Kitchener
  10. My choice for MP in Kitchener Centre
  11. Harper’s economic track record fails to inspire trust
  12. My initial reactions to the federal election results
  13. The Record’s response to the Outhit Challenge
  14. Auditorium Expansion: Seriously. Where will they park?

The All Time Top 10

  1. Prostitution in east downtown Kitchener
  2. Letter to the editor: Lynn Haddrall
  3. Let’s make the Tannery a true District
  4. Why I voted for Jack Layton
  5. My recommendations for Kitchener’s Regional Councillors
  6. My recommendation for Ward 1
  7. The Jeff Outhit Challenge
  8. Uncertainty enters the race in Ward 7
  9. Adult cyclists don’t belong on the sidewalk
  10. An update on my prostitution concerns

What do you think?

I’d appreciate learning about what you think about this blog’s first two years. What were the highs? the lows? What posts connected most with you? I’d also like to know what you’d like to see covered in the future.

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