#KitchenerEats: Welcome’s Mel’s Diner to Kitchener

Kitchener Eats is a joint initiative of Andrew Coppolino of Waterloo Region Eats and myself. It’s an ever changing informal group interested in exploring Kitchener’s restaurants. We especially enjoy the culinary adventures available downtown including the diversity of cultural food available.

We encourage you to come on out and join us! We do lunches, dinners and breakfast about once every 2 – 4 weeks. There are no fees. Everyone pays their own way and you can come to whichever events you wish. Just let us know so that the restaurant can be ready for us. We spread the news on our blogs, on Twitter and by e-mailing past participants.

Welcome’s Mel’s Diner to Kitchener

Mel’s Diner was a beloved Waterloo institution when it burned down when a neighbouring business was targeted by arsonists a couple years ago. Rebuilding on the site took longer than expected and so owner Jerry Smith looked for a new location until things got sorted out at the original location.

Earlier this month, Mel’s Diner opened at Ottawa St. S. and Westmount Rd. E. So Andrew and I thought that Kitchener Eats should welcome Mel’s to Kitchener–and welcome Mel’s back to the Waterloo Region food scene! Breakfast has alway’s been a Mel’s specialty and so we decided that’s what we should go there to eat.

We head to Mel’s Diner on Thursday, May 31. We’re meeting at 7:30 a.m. or as close to that as you can arrange! There’ll be plenty of coffee on hand I’m sure.

If you’re interested in joining us, please let us know so we can let the restaurant know how many to expect and we can arrange to sit together.

If you’re looking forward to the original Mel’s rising from the ashes, you’re in luck. I understand that locations will return later this year.

Future eats

Andrew has arranged a tasting menu at Marisol. Tentatively, we expect that to be June 8. Details to follow.

I’ve received a suggestion that Kitchener Eats should go to the Queen Street Commons. What else should be on our where to eat list?

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