Two Kitchener Eats outings: Marisol & El Gastrónomo Vagabundo food truck

This post is overdue. I’ve been busy with life. But the good news is that you still can join Andrew Coppolino and myself for not one but two upcoming Kitchener Eats events over the next week.

Marisol on Friday

A frequent topic at previous Kitchener Eats outings was what people knew about the new restaurant on Ontario street.

Chef Jeff Ward’s Marisol seems to invite intrigue since what happens inside is not visible from the street. The menu looks delicious but not many of the folks who have made it out to one of our events had the opportunity to taste it yet.

So Andrew arranged for a special tasting menu for a Kitchener Eats lunch at Marisol on Friday, June 22. For about $20, you can taste test the food and the atmosphere. You can also order from the menu if you don’t mind the rest of us sampling a range of the tasty goodness.

I hope that you can join us for some of Marisol’s rich, rustic Mediterranean cuisine! Please let us know by RSVPing through Eventbrite.

El Gastrónomo Vagabundo

I haven’t written a post on it yet. But I’m a huge proponent of opening up Kitchener, Waterloo Region and the rest of Ontario to food trucks. Unfortunately bureaucracy seems to be standing in the way of a thriving food truck culture adding life to our streets and public places. That needs to change and pronto!

But in the meantime, the City of Kitchener is undertaking a pilot project to feature food trucks in Civic Square in front of City Hall. I loved the opportunity to try out Caplansky’s Deli when its truck rolled into town a couple weeks ago to an enthusiastic throng of customers.

While eating my delicious Toronto-style smoked meat sandwich and maple beef-bacon donuts, I learned about El Gastrónomo Vagabundo.

El Gastrónomo Vagabundo is a new take on international street food, offering a continuously changing menu of globally inspired gourmet cuisine.  Spurred by the increasing popularity of mobile street food in North America, El Gastrónomo Vagabundo is the first mobile food truck of its kind in Canada, featuring gourmet tacos, tapas, southeast Asian dishes, and garden fresh salads. Lovingly nicknamed “El Gastró” by its fans, we were recently featured on the Food Network’s Eat St.

Does that sound like an ever changing menu of deliciousness or what?

El Gastro makes its Waterloo Region debut outside Kitchener City Hall on Monday, June 25. We’re inviting everyone who has attended any of our Kitchener Eats outings to join us to give it a warm welcome! Please be there at 11:30 a.m. if possible when the line is shortest and the menu is largest! We’re hoping that if they know we love them enough that soon enough El Gastro will be a regular site around these parts!

Want to stay on top of city hall’s food truck schedule? It can all be found on the downtown Kitchener website.


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  1. Terrific – I love taste testing new food eateries. I am in favor of the food trucks myself, and will have to try and make it downtown. I work out of city most days, but several days work from home, so am arranging around when Market is open and also now Food Trucks. Good reason to step away from the ‘computer’ and get some fresh air.

  2. I’m glad I’ve gotten your taste buds watering Darleen. Hope to see you on Monday or possibly even Friday!

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