#KitchenerEats continues to explore downtown pho

Pho DNK in downtown Kitchener

Kitchener Eats is a joint initiative of Andrew Coppolino of Waterloo Region Eats and myself. It’s an ever changing informal group interested in exploring Kitchener’s restaurants. We especially enjoy the culinary adventures available downtown including the diversity of cultural food available.

We encourage you to come on out and join us! We do lunches, dinners and breakfast about once every 2 – 4 weeks. There are no fees. Everyone pays their own way and you can come to whichever events you wish. Just let us know so that the restaurant can be ready for us. We spread the news on our blogs, on Twitter and by e-mailing past participants.

Kitchener Eats at Pho DNK


Sorry due to low registration this event has been cancelled. I expect we’ll try to get back there another time.


On Thursday Kitchener Eats is continuing our exploration of the downtown pho restaurants. We had previously been to Pho Dau Boa. This time we move further west to Pho DNK (151 King Street W, Kitchener near City Hall). I’m sure at some point we’ll also get to Pho 95.

We’re heading out for dinner this time (6:30 p.m.). Andrew isn’t convinced there is as much interest in dinner but I think it’s important to have some dinners so that we can get people out who can’t make a lunch or who don’t live or work close enough to downtown Kitchener to make a lunch. Besides, what’s a better dining experience than an evening when you’re not concerned about getting in and out quickly to get back to work. Nothing like having enough time to enjoy the food and the company.

So although my post is going up a bit late, let’s prove to Andrew that there’s plenty of interest in Kitchener Eats evening outings! Join us.

Please register online so we can let them know how many folks to expect and we can arrange to sit together.


3 comments on “#KitchenerEats continues to explore downtown pho

  1. There’s *definitely* interest in dinner. No one I know could make lunch, between timing, last-minute work demands, and locations. Dinner gives you time to enjoy eating, and you’re not as likely to skip dinner as you are lunch. 🙂

    Having said that, I can’t make this Thursday. 😛

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