My All-Time Top 7 Most Read Posts

My last post announcing my break from community building was a milestone for this blog that today celebrates its 3rd Anniversary.

In that time, I have published 200 (now 201) blog posts. Today, I am sharing the seven that have received the most views. I’ve included those with more than 600 views.

  1. You’re looking in the wrong place*
  2. Putting the spotlight on a problem*
  3. Catherine Fife’s lack of leadership on public engagement 880 views
  4. Letter to the editor: Lynn Haddrall 857 views
  5. Let’s make the Tannery a true District  804 views
  6. Why I voted for Jack Layton 661
  7. My choice for MPP in Kitchener-Waterloo Riding 623 views

* My posts on the complex issues surrounding prostitution have been very popular. Too often they have been viewed (based upon search terms) for reasons that are not consistent with my goals and objectives for writing them so I have not provided links here. In fact, I have made a couple private so that they stop attracting undesirable traffic. I continue to stand by the content.

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