Put Prime Minister statues at rapid transit stations

A survey on the PM statue project is available on the City of Kitchener’s website until Feb. 7.

Hey! I had another letter to the editor of the Waterloo Region Record published today.

Here’s the original:

How about if we put a statue of a Canadian Prime Minister at each LRT/aBRT station? With 22 of each, it’d be a perfect match and could even give each station a name.

That’s it!

There’s a small but important difference between the two versions. The original references the adapted Bus Rapid Transit in Cambridge which I intentionally included. Not only is Cambridge a part of my Waterloo Region but those stations are needed to get a total of 22.

I wanted my letter to be as brief as possible but here are some other advantages of this idea.

Public art is a part of each station so that helps finding budget to pay for what is being requested from the statue’s municipal partner. But instead of the City of Kitchener, it would be the Region of Waterloo.

Having the statues along the rapid transit line might help inspire some folks to go for a trip that might not otherwise. Maybe even make travelling the route a tourist attraction.

And it’d be public art that the average person will be able to easily understand and appreciate.


2 comments on “Put Prime Minister statues at rapid transit stations

  1. James you may know that I’m a supporter of the arts having sat on that City committee for several terms. I think at the high cost that this is not the time. We need to claw back expenses, and let the financial smoke clear before embarking on such large
    cash drains.

    • Thanks for the comment Denis! I was also wondering whether the city could afford it’s contribution. That’s part of what inspired my idea since I know the rapid transit project includes funding for public art.

      I’ve since learned that the city is also being asked to handle the finances for the project. If it proceeds with the city as the municipal partner, I think that providing the site and staff support is likely enough.

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