Join me! Participate in the 12 Days for Good


Hey there! I’m honoured to be asked to be one of 12 Do-Gooders helping to lead the 12 Days for Good. This campaign is an initiative by the House of Friendship who were inspired by all the folks who help them at this time of the year. They wanted to pay forward this goodness and have asked folks active in the community to help inspire others to do good–both over the next 12 days and year round.

That’s where you come in! You can get involved too. Please read the message below about the campaign and how you can count yourself in.

My plans for good

For myself, I have several ideas already but I’m still figuring many out so  I’m open to ideas on how I can mark each of these themes.

While I expect that I’ll mostly be sharing what I’d normally be doing over the next 12 days or typically do at this time of year,  I want to be careful that these 12 days are not about me. Rather I want to share elements of my life and my perspectives so that you can figure out how you might good and everyone in Waterloo Region can enjoy a better quality of life.

Join me!

Catch the Spirit. SHARE the Good

For 12 magical days this December, over 600 volunteers will support House of Friendship’s Christmas Hamper program. They will share the gift of food with thousands of people. Help me pay it forward. Join me for ‘12 Days for Good’ December 9-20, 2013, and SHARE the good – volunteer, help, donate – in your community. Last year, over 20 local charities/causes benefitted. I will be participating as one of 12 official community Do Gooders helping do and share good this Holiday season.  You can follow me here on my blog or on Twitter: @jamesN2H.

For additional inspiration, each day has a ‘daily dose of good’ theme:

  1. Mon. Dec. 9 -Equality – to at all times and in all places, treat each other equally, with impartiality, and to enjoy full equality of opportunity, rights and responsibilities necessary to belong and thrive in our community
  2. Tues. Dec. 10 -Family – to have and cherish those nearest and dearest to you, whether by blood, love or community
  3. Wed. Dec. 11 – Nutrition – to give and receive nourishment, food and sustenance, for stomachs, hearts, minds and spirits
  4. Thurs. Dec. 12 – Fellowship  – to daily belong and live in partnership or communion with our brothers and sisters, near and far, as part of one healthy community
  5. Fri. Dec. 13 – Health – to have the opportunity to maintains one’s health and well-being in a well-managed sustainable healthy community, where all are able to fully participate
  6. Sat. Dec. 14 – Peace – to extend goodwill to all persons and creatures, and live free and in harmony with our neighbours
  7. Sun. Dec. 15. – Ability/Inclusion – to be recognized and to recognize the diversity of abilities, talents and gifts, and that together we are stronger when all are invited to the table to share and participate
  8. Mon. Dec. 16 – Solidarity/Togetherness – to come together and to promote a spirit of unity and harmony amongst our neighbours and throughout our community
  9. Tues. Dec. 17 – Hospitality – to welcome warmly and with kindness and generosity all who enter our door and are new to our community; to share the gifts of our table
  10. Wed. Dec. 18 – Acceptance/Tolerance – to be open-minded and patient, to listen and to accept  so that all might be acknowledged and recognized and feel part of our community
  11. Thurs. Dec. 19 – Dreaming – to hold true to a vision which gives wings to hope and compassion during difficult times and  yields inspiration and prosperity during good times
  12. Fri. Dec. 20 – Celebrate the good –  to take time to acknowledge and reflect upon all that is wonderful about our community, to thank those who contribute to its vibrancy, and to invite all to participate

 How to get involved!

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