Two healthy community events coming

Hey! Just a quick post to let you know about a couple events coming of interest to people desiring to build healthy communities.

Tax is not a four letter word

Regional Council didn’t get any feedback at its public input sessions that its 2.8% tax increase was too high. Still, they tried to decrease it to 1.7% before settling on closer to 2%.

Given how so many of the cuts supported important social services that helped people in poverty (above and beyond the discretionary benefits), I sent many Councillors an e-mail trying to get them to see that tax is not a four letter word–even in an election year. My point was that the difference in property tax between the two numbers was not enough for the loss of services involved. There’s still a need for fiscal responsibility but it needs to be balanced with effectively providing necessary services.

I then invited the Councillors to attend an event about a book edited by Alex Himelfarb (former Clerk of the Privy Council i.e. Canada’s top civil servant) and Jordan Himelfarb have edited a book called Tax is Not A Four Letter Word.

Kitchener City Hall

Thursday, January 23

12:00 pm -1:00 pm – Guest Speaker: Alex Himelfarb and Panel Discussion

1:00 pm-2:30 pm – Workshop on the local perspective on taxation

Interested but either daytime and/or Kitchener doesn’t work for you?

Try Cambridge on Wednesday night!

Public Health Care is sustainable: Modernizing Medicare for the 21st Century

The other event is on Tuesday and is part of Opportunity Waterloo Region’s Community Conversation’s Series. It deals with physical health of low-income folks but also how we all benefit by addressing it.

Affordable solutions to all of Medicare’s apparently intractable problems do exist. Improvements to public health care benefit us all, but will have a significant positive impact on individuals and families who live on low-incomes.

January 21

Presenter: Dr. Michael M. Rachlis MD MSc FRCPC LLD (Honoris Causa), Health Policy Analysis

Victoria Park Pavillion



Hope to see you at one of these events!

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