What I heard

So I asked for your feedback on “what I should do in the fall?” Here is an overview of the results.

  • 29  survey responses
  • about 21 responses to the post, on Facebook and on Twitter
  • the post was viewed more than 250 times

I’m pleased that about 50 people took the time to let me know what they think I should do. Thank you to every one who took the time to share your feedback.

This response is great especially considering over 6 days I posted it twice on Facebook and once or twice each day on Twitter. I deliberately avoided pushing it hard.

The overall sentiment was that I should be a candidate. The people who responded on the post, Facebook and Twitter were generally supportive without specifying the City of Kitchener or the Region of Waterloo. Though if they had a preference it was usually the city.

Survey results

These are what I know about the 29 people who took the survey and what they thought:

  • 76% live in Kitchener
  • 26% live in Ward 10 (double any other Ward)
  • 48% preferred I run in Kitchener’s Ward 10
  • 24% preferred I run for Regional Council to represent Kitchener
  • That’s 72% who preferred I be a candidate vs. 28% who preferred I not run (17% status quo & 10% fade away)

A sampling of comments left

Here’s some of the comments left on the survey or on Facebook.

“Ward 10 could use a strong Councillor,someone with a good urban vision, an understanding of the unique issues the ward faces and a pragmatic, realistic approach. You would have my vote.”

“James has offered a thoughtful critique of civic developments through distributed opinion and a commitment to the health and welfare of citizens, particularly within the non-profit service realm.”

“You & your views represent a small bur overly vocal minority that has nothing in common with the vast majority of the people that make up KW.”

“Based on some of your activities and posts, I’m not sure you have an open enough mind to see all sides of issues.”

“You would be a GREAT representative on Council for Ward 10!”

“Not ready to run for office.”

“Any option but do not fade away. Because we need smart people to be involved in politics. We have a great community and need to help it continue to be great and greater.”

“I’d also like to see you continue your work on your blog and social media if you run in Ward 10”

“James understands transit, LRT, zoning of developments, etc better than many others. We need more pro-LRT and pro-mixed model transit minds in the regional council.”

“I think you’re doing a fantastic job highlighting some of the existing issues in the community, speaking truth to power.”

“We need his voice in the community.”

Next steps

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback–both positive and constructive!

This feedback helps me to firm up my decision. I anticipate officially announcing my plans next week.

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