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Gems of east downtown Kitchener

Gems of east downtown Kitchener

I regularly awarded Diamond & Coal awards. On my Jane’s Walk of east downtown Kitchener, I pointed out many gems along or close to our route. While they may not all be Diamond award quality, they are all gems that make living in this part of Kitchener more enjoyable–and are worth a trip from other parts of […]

Ode to Steel Rails

When my wife and I embarked on the rolling arts adventure that is the Steel Rails Sessions, we found ourselves on the last car looking out as the track disappeared behind us. I was inspired by the beauty of the hazy evening and the clickety clack of the ride to make a video with my […]

The Essential Kitchener: Cameron Chinese Seafood Restaurant

The Essential Kitchener has been a neglected feature of this blog. I figure I better resuscitate it or bury it. So I’ll try to resuscitate it because I have some entries I’d like to include. Today’s entry is actually one that I’ve wanted to add from the very beginning but for one reason or another I haven’t […]

My Diamond & Coal Awards – August 16

Diamond Award Winner: Kitchener Blues Festival I hold my music concerts to high standards. For me to love them, I’m looking for an experience similar to the Montreal Jazz Festival, Hillside or the Mill-Race Folk Festival. I love each for different reasons. I now count the Kitchener Blues Festival among that list of must attend […]

Introducing “The Essential Kitchener”

This post marks the launch of a new feature of the Perspectives from King & Ottawa blog. We’re launching a new links page known as The Essential Kitchener. But as you may have come to expect, it’s not any old links page. What you’ll find here are links to the best that Kitchener has to […]