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My perspective on local hashtags: #WRawesome, #KWawesome, #Kitchener, #WRarts, #WRtech and more!

My perspective on local hashtags: #WRawesome, #KWawesome, #Kitchener, #WRarts, #WRtech and more!

  Robb Farrago posted an interesting look at why on Twitter both #KWawesome and #WRawesome are used as local hashtags. He even conducted a survey. It has already sparked a lively discussion. My comment was quite long and I wanted to make sure my readers saw it and so here it is. I believe that I […]

Ode to Steel Rails

When my wife and I embarked on the rolling arts adventure that is the Steel Rails Sessions, we found ourselves on the last car looking out as the track disappeared behind us. I was inspired by the beauty of the hazy evening and the clickety clack of the ride to make a video with my […]

Why I voted for Jack Layton

I admit it. I voted for Jack Layton. But no, I did not vote for Peter Thurley even though I live in Kitchener Centre. Nothing against Peter. He’s a great guy with a demonstrated commitment to our community. Yet I could never vote for him in this election even though we’ve become friends through social […]

Why I support investigating and discussing merger

Do I support the members of Kitchener and Waterloo councils engaging in discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of merging the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo? Yes. Why? It makes sense. It’s as simple as that. But since I understand that one man’s common sense is another man’s nonsense, I’ll explain why talking merger makes […]